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How do I create a new Space?
Last Updated 2 years ago

Creating a new Space

Creating a new Space is very easy. Just go the your Spaces overview and click the New Space button on the bottom right.
Enter the name for your space, a description and click Create Space.
You have created your very own Space!

Setting your preferences

After you created a Space, you can customize it to your preferences. To do this, click the Settings button of your Space.

You can change the name and description of the Space, but also it's URL, logo and header. You can decide whether the space is:

  • accessible for everyone;
  • Visible to everyone but accessible only when accepted;
  • Only visible to members.

You can also decide to only allow admins and moderators to create posts in the Space and who can create invites for the Space.
You can also see the members of your Space, promote them to moderator, or even revoke their membership.

I can not create a space?

If you are not able to create a new Space, you probably do not have enough reputation. See this article for more information about Spaces and Reputation.

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