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Changing your password
Last Updated 2 years ago

How do I change my password?

To change your password, go to your Security settings. To find these, click your profile picture in the upper right of the screen. On the right, click 'Security'. You might need to enter your password to access these settings. 
Now you can change your password. First, enter your current password en then enter your new password. Repeat your new password to verify it and click 'Save'.

How do I make my FineFriends password secure?

A strong password is at least 6 characters long and contains a mix of letters, symbols and numbers. It does not resemble a real word, is hard to guess, and is not used for other accounts.

Forgot password

If you forgot the password of your account, please see this page.

Will I get logged out if I change my password?

You can choose if you want to log out on every device or not. If you change your password because you think someone else might have access to your account, always make sure to log out all other sessions after changing your password.

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