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Two-Factor Authentication
Last Updated 2 years ago

What is Two-factor authentication?

With two-factor authentication, you can protect your account better. It is an extra layer of protection beyond your password. It significantly decreases the risk of a hacker accessing your account by combining your password with a second factor.

How does it work?

After you log in using your username and password as usual, you will need to perform an extra simple step. There are multiple supported methods that you can enable. You do need access to at least one of the enabled methods to log in to your FineFriends account.

How do I enable it?

You can enable Two-factor authentication on this page. You might need to re-enter your password to acces the page. Once you enable Two-factor authentication, please write down the backup code and store it in a safe place that you can remember. You can use this code to login if you do not have access to your email.

What methods are supported?

FineFriends has a great choice in Two-Factor Authentication methods. You can choose one or multiple methods that you would like to use. The supported methods are:

  • Email
  • Verifying you login on another device where you are logged in
  • An OTP App like Google Authenticator
  • Security Keys like YubiKey

You also get a one-time backup token that you can use if you are locked out of all of your methods.

I cannot access my second factor(s). How do I log in?

You can use your backup code to acces your account. You can only use this code once, so please change your email address or disable Two-factor authentication to prevent that you lose the access to your account.

Can I disable the extra security layer on one device?

No, at the moment this is not possible.

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